Suitable loan for World Tour.

Would you like to find out about a suitable loan for your trip around the world? Are you looking for answers about what a trip around the world will cost you or do you already have specific plans? How do you want to travel? By plane with a world ticket, by ship or by one-handed sailor?

Your idea of ​​getting a loan to travel around the world is not necessarily absurd. However, you will not discover a flat-rate loan that fits every travel plan. We present possible alternatives.

World Travel Credit – Travel Planning

World Travel Credit - Travel Planning

How to finance your trip around the world depends on an infinite number of factors. Many people have the desire to circumnavigate the world, to experience foreign cultures for themselves. One thing is certain, the world tour will be impressive, but the price is high. How much credit is realistic for the world trip depends crucially on the travel planning. The cheapest option is the world ticket via airlines.

In the middle of the price is the circumnavigation of the world by ship. The world-class round trip from own wind power in the one-handed sailer would be mentioned as the price premium class. It would be important to record all costs in advance and to secure the necessary funds. Keeping sufficient funds in hand can not only make life easier, it can even save you.

Travelers cannot expect a loan on their trip around the world to refinance their travel destinations. The credit requirements, except for the porn shop (pawnbroker), are not unlike the German requirements. As a tourist, without a first place of residence in the country and local income, no bank lends money. The idea of ​​taking out an installment loan in Germany is guaranteed to fail because of the legal requirement to provide proof of ID.

Videoident will not work. Once the credit limit and credit card limit have been reached, world travelers are stranded quite quickly and permanently, as can be demonstrated all over the world. By the way, financial help from the German embassy is also not expected. Germany’s representations abroad, with a few exceptions, do not offer help to Germans with financial problems!

What does the trip around the world cost?

What does the trip around the world cost?

In order to admit a rough budget of the pure travel costs, the figures of our current research. The cheapest option would be air travel with self-defined destinations and a journey time of a few weeks. The milestones served and the flight miles traveled are decisive for the price. With the stop overs, the world traveler is again on his own.

If a loan for this world tour with a world ticket was taken out as full financing, the loan volume would be between 5,000 and 7,500 USD. The costs of travel preparation (vaccinations, visa fees, special equipment) are not included. Likewise, there are no costs for individual transport to explore and accommodation costs on site. A little personal note to backpackers.

Personal note about the world trip as a backpacker:

Personal note about the world trip as a backpacker:

As the author of this contribution to the credit for the world trip, I myself am a globetrotter. Simply “bumping” under a palm tree in the tropics and spending the night in nature can create lasting memories. Personally, I slept next to a full-grown cobra in such escapades.

Once I was informed by a wild tiger with urine about his “territorial claims to rule”. Warm climate is not necessarily the most important decision criterion for the place of overnight stay. World travelers with little money in particular carelessly embark on unknown dangers.

Around the world by ship – senior dream

Around the world by ship - senior dream

Young seniors, freshly retired, would like to let the wind blow around their noses. Most of those who embark on a trip around the world saved for a lifetime. The detailed trip around the world costs around 20,000 USD. In this case, the ports visited are decisive for the travel costs. Inland travel and overnight stays are usually included in the booking for the world tour.

The additional costs on board should be considered, not all activities count as “all inclusive” and enough pocket money. If a loan is required for a trip around the world in the senior age, difficulties can arise with bank loans. (Age limits). A good starting point in this case would be Best Lender for lending without age limits and despite a small pension.

Difficulties – what needs to be considered?

Difficulties - what needs to be considered?

It is problematic for many potential world travelers to get an adequate loan for the travel project and to be able to pay it. A real trip around the world, which not only has the character of a rushed city trip, not only costs money, but above all time. – Last personal note, I’ve been traveling for 7 years and a continent is still missing. Originally planned what was only a year.

No bank in the world grants a loan for the world trip if the globetrotter cannot guarantee the repayment. Retirees are the only ones not faced with the problem of giving up their jobs and having to repay a loan at the same time. The world is big, it can only be traveled in an airplane, if the flight planning is skilful, it can be done in 80 hours.

But, this is just a trip around the world and not a trip around the world in which the traveler collects lifelong impressions. If younger people take out a loan for the world tour, it should only be a supplement to the savings reserves. In no case a full financing that is sewn on the edge with high installments.

The travel loan should be financed as long as possible with the smallest installments. The credit for the world tour should also be the only payment obligation at home. This is the only way to ensure that there is no ebb in the travel budget and that there is no negative Credit bureau waiting for you when you return.